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Why pop-up stalls are a great business move for b2c businesses?

Pop-ups – those are two words that every up and coming business owner should absolutely swear by. Pop-up stalls at limited period markets, like Sunday markets or seasonal fests, are a great way to get the word out about your product while at the same time interacting with interested customers. But what really makes pop-ups great for young business owners is –

Pop-ups are great for offline engagement

Your product may have a thriving social presence but that still does not account for all of your potential customer bases. Due to limited marketing budgets, there is only so much reach you can get online, and that’s exactly why offline pop-ups are a great way to engage with the masses.

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Pop-ups create urgency

Any product that you sell at a pop-up store comes with a certain sense of ‘get it while stocks last.’ This happens because of the temporary nature of pop-up stores causing customers to make a purchase decision right there and there.

Pop-ups Don’t Ask For A Commitment

Another great thing about pop-stores is that they don’t ask you for a long term commitment. Pop-up stores let you have the retail store experience and gauge customer buying patterns without having to shell out big bucks. You can then course-correct if need be for the next pop-up.

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Pop-Ups Are Great For Testing Markets

With pop-up stores, you have the freedom to test a varied customer base in varied markets. Pop-up stores allow you the flexibility to set-up shop in different cities and cater to different TGs to find your ideal match.

All in all, pop-up stores or stalls are a great way to market your growing business and give it a better footing and a larger reach. So, watch out for the next event happening around you and don’t hesitate to set up your very own pop-up stall!


5 things new businesses should have before launch

Is your new venture nearing it’s much awaited launch date. You think you’ve got everything checked! A great team, an excellent product/ service, a viable business model, and an unstoppable drive! Needless to say, these pillars of strength stand strong, tall and confident, but what holds the ultimate foundation, is a five letter word that’s the core of every successful business today. This word is called “BRAND”.

Thus, we believe that there are 5 essential things that a business should invest in (time & money) right at the start to lay the foundation of brand building.

Brand Name (Brainstorm till the hail storms)

Often people think “what’s in a brand name” but today it matters a lot. Your brand name is your first impression and if you cant impress your customers enough; trust me you’ll have a tough time getting them to experience you once later. There are several ways to choose the perfect brand name such as

  • Use the founder’s name as the brand name
  • Describe what you’re doing
  • Describe what your users can achieve if they choose you
  • Make a word (it could be merging two people’s names or two elements associated with your business etc)
  • Abbreviation of your full name (only if it’s appealing)

Keep it short and make sure it’s easy to pronounce.
PS. – If you’re building a customer-centric brand for young people, make sure it appeals to them.

Brand Identity (The ultimate visual appeal)

Details lie in the swoosh and stripes of brands. Yes! It’s all in the details! Without even mentioning the brands, you guessed it. And that’s how important a strong brand identity is.

We often observe businesses creating a brand identity with logos conveniently available on various website, fonts overused to death and colours that have been picked up randomly. This certainly creates a crack in the wall before you even start building your business. Commit some funds to creating a good brand identity right when you start so that when you become a known brand, you don’t have to re-build it completely. Good brand name and brand identity together helps you get into the eyes of the customer.

Buy a domain (Keep it simple)

We as customers prefer to trust a domain name that is exactly the same as the brand name and mostly end up looking for their website also with their brand name. Whether or not, you build a website today, it is advisable to book your domain name so that you don’t need to compromise later. While registering your domain name, we recommend choosing domain extensions like .com, .in and .co. Keep it short, simple, readable and easy to type. This enhances your search-engine page rankings and also improves your discoverability.

Social Media Handles (Secure them)

Once you’ve booked your domain, next is to secure your social media handles as that’s the next place your customers will come looking for. Make sure you get the handles similar to your brand name for better discoverability in this ever-growing platforms.

Trademark (Get it registered)


Why your marketing communication is failing?

Recently I was helping an acquaintance of mine with choosing the right book for her minorly dyslexic son. She was already thorough with her research and options and had narrowed down a few books for me to choose from. When I looked at those books, the first question that popped in my head was

  • Who are we buying these for – the kid or the mother?’ and
  • ‘What problem/(s) are being addressed?

I suddenly realized how I had often been in a similar situation with my clients where what was ‘required’ was being discussed without giving a thought to the real problems that needs to be addressed.

This often leads to creating strategies that will most likely FAIL! Yes, that’s right.

Our recent experience

Last month, a client approached us to create a brochure for launching their Diwali Special Collection. The classic client brief received was – ‘highlight the products like everyone does!

Our team not easily convinced (for the client’s own good, if I may add!) asked them some point-blank questions to fully understand what was exactly was the client’s goal –

  • Are you only targeting existing customers?
  • Why should people buy your Diwali Special Collection?

After brainstorming on the questions above, our client realized that there was much more his brand was offering than just great products! Like,

  • ease of online ordering,
  • attractive packaging and
  • even doorstep delivery

which would be a blessing to their users especially when its Diwali and there’s a long to-do-list!

Post that, we also reasoned them to include a short description about themselves, their story, their clients and the USP of their products as they planned on reaching out to newer customers too. And this should be a part of all big collaterals till they become Cadbury of their industry. Thus, was created a catalog that was informative, convincing and sharp!

Clarity means conversion

No matter what your collateral is it should communicate well and enough. Wondering how to know If you have communicated well and enough to make your users take the action. Here’s a simple set of steps to follow –

  • Identify the purpose of communication
  • Figure out the problem or needs you are catering to
  • Make sure the copy hits the solution to the problems/ needs
  • Mention the CTA like signup, order, register and this can be coupled with information the deadlines, date range or any other T&C that can impact the buying decision

This won’t just help you develop a clearer communication but also improve the conversion rate.

In the end, I would conclude by saying that a beautiful design may attract your audience, but only clear communication will initiate an action. Always ask, what problem are you trying to solve and for whom?

If you think your communication is being ignored or confusing your user, we’d happy to help you build a brand communication that’s “clear and loud”. Drop your details at


How to take your business to market on day 1

From our many interactions with entrepreneurs and founders of budding start-ups, we’ve often heard them say how they find the first day of taking their business to the market nothing short of a monolith; while it could be the easiest day of their entire entrepreneurial journey. Most new entrepreneurs we’ve met are driven by passion. They have decided to work on something they love doing and make it into a business. With them, the problem is not the product because it has already been built! The challenge is the next step! How to tell the world about it and get it to sell?


Let us share the story of a lady who had done her graduation in fashion designing and was designing some uber-cool dresses for her children. She wanted to grow it into a business model but didn’t know what to do next. She had over thought about it and sought professional help to be guided into the market. However, all she needed was to start sharing her work on social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp). What could be more interesting for a customer than to see those dresses on a child for real? But in her head, it was a mammoth task because her expectations were too high!

What entrepreneurs need to understand is that Day 1 is just for announcing to the world that you’re here and it should be just that. You will not get 1000 likes on the first day you tell someone about your brand.

Another interesting discussion point we’ve often come across is how to sell ‘service’. Products are still easier to talk about. However, when it comes to service provided, one can only take the other person at their word. Or better still, at their clients’ words. To an educationist in Jaipur looking to expand her tutorials beyond the usual classes, we suggested boasting of the improvements in her children. She had genuine real content every day. Instead of spending lacs on improving her classroom décor, setting up website etc., she needed to spend only a few thousand to promote the content she created.

An important lesson learnt here – brands are not built by the money you put on the table but the value you bring to the table.


Recently we’ve interacted with a couple of entrepreneurs who come from a position of passion and love for what they do. Business or not, they have been and are going to do it anyway! But as soon as you’re in the market, there will be hundreds following suite. There is then no way to ensure sale unless you find a UVP – Unique Value Proposition. In layman’s terms – ‘Why you (or the brand)’?

In order to establish yourself unique from your competitors all you need is a fresh and different perspective to look at things from.

For instance, we met a girl who was dedicated to the cause of protecting animals and really wanted to do something in this domain. However, her biggest fear and rightly so, was that she’ll be taken as just another animal NGO struggling to keep it together. Now, instead of asking others to help the animals directly, we suggested she become an animal videographer or a coach who could tell the world how to help stray animals, what to do with them and how to handle them. This would enable her to approach people without sounding like an NGO.

And if you haven’t figured out your UVP yet, all you have to do is chat up with a communications expert who will probe and push and ask the right questions to get you thinking new ways to solve the problem you’re otherwise trying to solve.


  • Start communicating regularly with your prospective clients
  • Try and have a modern positioning of your brand
  • Have patience, let it reach to the right people and then boost it and escalate it.

Loved the article? Thinking of speaking to a communications expert? Drop us a line at

PS. Love hearing podcasts? Check out ours here and do tell us how you found it.


3 mistakes to avoid while building a brand in 2019

It’s 2019 and the cognizance around brands and things like brand image, brand loyalty, brand story has never been so extensive and all-encompassing! The brands today are privileged to have such an aware audience looking to connect with them, than just buy the products and services they have to offer.

It’s an exciting time when it comes to communicating with the customer through a variety of mediums and their fusion. And yet, brands are failing to make that connect. Something is amiss! What is it that you’re doing wrong?

Explaining it all

You’ve had an exciting journey as a brand, there has been so much thought that has gone into every aspect of your business, and it is only fair that your customers know about it!

But the question to ask is, are they listening? Do your customers have that kind of time to spend on your brand?

Truthfully, you have 7 seconds (avg. human attention span) to communicate with your customer at one go – email, post, message etc. So, choose your communication carefully and let a professional content creator weave it in the most precise and engaging way.

Missing the customer connect

n a recent campaign for a dear client, we created a concept much loved by them. However, when the creatives went for approval, the client gave feedback to put the discount and offering first followed by the brand USP.

Now, we do understand that sales are extremely important for any brand. However, throwing an offer in the face of the customer makes you no less than that shopkeeper in Palika Bazaar who is shouting ‘Jeans only 500, jeans only 500’ while blocking your way intentionally. You will be only met with annoyed glances.

On the other hand, the guy in a showroom will first make you comfortable by offering a cozy sofa, a drink and then will ask you the occasion you’re buying clothes for and only then will craftly pull out his collection in front of you.

In simple words, “You need to capture the attention of the customer by getting them to first see what they resonate with followed by how your brand offering would help them”.

Bottom line being, your communication must be ‘customer-centric’ instead of ‘brand-centric’ if you want to beat the overcrowding!

Undermining Designing

If there is anything one must learn from big successful brands is the power of a good design. Isn’t that the biggest strength of Apple?

Our brains are wired in a way to get attracted to what looks good. A brand needs to look good. Whether its packaging or website or social media or even a simple picture circulated on Whatsapp – it needs to catch the eye!

The mantra in 2019 is ‘Judge A Book By Its Cover’.

Now don’t become Andy Warhol yourselves but hire professionals to do a good job for you. Your brand is as good as it appears – dress it up well!

Customer was the king in yesteryears and still is! The key is to make him/her believe how well your brand fits in their lives by doing the above mentioned. If you’re doing any of the above; stop it right away so that you don’t lose one more customer.

If you’re looking for someone to help with creating content that connects or designs that engage; drop us a line at

PS. Love hearing podcasts? Check out ours here and do tell us how you found it.

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